Max Min_Width

Okay, so I had a really oddball moment when I named the javascript functions that maintain the minimum width of the page set_MAX_width and control_MAX_width. I’ve corrected their names to reflect what they really do.

Also, since my last update at noon I’ve made more changes to the stylesheets to fix a z-index bug in MacIE and a bug with IE5.x when the window was resized to a width smaller than the specified min-width.

So things should be rock-solid on most platforms. I haven’t checked any of the *nix browsers such as Konqueror. Galeon, Camino use Gecko so I’m going to assume they work fine.

Never assume. Do as I say, not as I do.

Have fun!

Chapter 2

Or is it 3? I’ve lost count.

Here we go. The blog’s index page is now using the ST:Gargoyles layout. In putting this together I found a couple minor bugs that had to be fixed with the layout and those have been made on the layouts repository.

I’m also trying something new. I’m making use of javascript. I like the idea of having a layout that does not have to rely on javascript and that is what I strive for. However that just isn’t practical in the real world if you want to do certain things.

So check out the script if you want. It’s got a bit to do PNG opacity in IE for the upper-left logo you see. It also has some code to act as a min-width controller for IE, since IE doesn’t understand the min-width CSS property. I haven’t fully tested this code, but it seems to work at least on IE6.

The logo is a drawing a friend did (of me, back when I shaved my head) on a whiteboard. I grabbed a picture of it with a digital camera before it got wiped and then imported it into Photoshop and cleaned it up a bit.

So that’s that for now. It’s lunch time!

Old New School

I’ve gone back to the default MT template for the time being while I get things in order.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of viagra/penis enlargement spam comments lately. It’s a real pain. So I’ve gone and added the scode plugin. So now there’s an image with a number that you have to copy to a text field in order to post a comment.

I was going to use MT-Blacklist but I’m getting some errors trying to install it. I’ll try playing around with it a bit to see if I can fix it, but for now, scode is where its at.

I’ll also be moving the template for this blog over to ST:Gargoyles as soon as I have the time to sit down and not worry about spam.


Which is a really cute title when you realize just how many Star Trek alumni appeared in Gargoyles.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Geeks, I give you the latest and greatest Ruthsarian Layouts template:

Skidoo Too : Gargoyles

It’s a derrivative of Skidoo Too but with some nice adjustments. The part I like the most is the two columns inside the content area. Neither uses a static width, but rather percentage values. They’re fluid! My next task will have to be a 3 column layout based on Skidoo Too which has all three columns set using percentage values for their widths. It’s possible. I know it is. Now that I have the secret formula. (Which isn’t so secret since it’s in the CSS for Skidoo Too : Gargoyles.)

With this new layout, I become a begger.

I’ve had a few e-mails asking about making a donation or something along those lines for the use of the layouts. I never want to do something like that; I don’t want money for this work. However I’m going to abuse the situation and try to help out something I’m interested in supporting, and it provides you guys with something as well.

So if you’ve ever thought about making a donation for the layouts I’ve put together, or if you think that’s a really dumb idea, then be especially sure to check out the new layout.

Skidoo Too

I know, I really need to finish remaking the layout for this thing. But I’m really busy with other things right now. Such as …

Skidoo Too

Yep. A new layout. So what’s new about it? It’s source-ordered, middle column first. I’ve also cleaned up the CSS considerably, I’ve added a lot of new comments, and the thing is all inside of one stylesheet. No attempt at multi-columning under Netscape or IE 4.

Main reason for doing this is that IE/Mac has a really odd bug when it comes to selecting text within a layout using the negative-margins trick. It seems that the text within the first column to appear in the source will be selectable, while the other two will not (completely). It’s a really odd bug that I can’t seem to workaround other than trying my hand at source-ordering.

I never thought I’d actually take the time to source-order Skidoo, but there it is for those of you who’ve been looking for it.