In my professional life I find myself drifting towards the role of DBA rather than web developer. And to that end I am creating this little blog post about Oracle error ORA-26704.

Recently I was working with a database that was replicating itself, via Oracle Streams, to a second database where the data is then processed to produce report-friendly data that others could report on.

There’s a development version of this setup for, well, development and test purposes. Except the streams components weren’t working quite right.

Oracle Streams has three processes. On the source database you have the capture process picks up the redo logs which store changes to the database. There is also a propagation process which takes these changes picked up by the capture process and ships them out to wherever you tell it. On the destination database you have an apply process which, guess what, applies the changes it receives.

The problem I was encountering was that whenever I tried to start the capture process I’d get this ORA-26704 error. Google was near useless. I couldn’t find anything. Just lists of ORA errors with no explanation as to what they actually mean.

Well I’ve finally solved this one, and it’s quite a simple one. So if you, dear reader, have found your way here from your search engine of choice in search of a solution to your ORA-26704 error, fear not, I am here to share my solution.

The initialization parameter aq_tm_processes is probably set to 0. This is bad. This tells Oracle how many processes it should create for the purpose of monitoring streams. If it’s set to 0, then streams won’t work. Either set this to 1 or set it to nothing and let Oracle tune the value for you.

And then you too will have working streams.

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