Chapter 2

Or is it 3? I’ve lost count.

Here we go. The blog’s index page is now using the ST:Gargoyles layout. In putting this together I found a couple minor bugs that had to be fixed with the layout and those have been made on the layouts repository.

I’m also trying something new. I’m making use of javascript. I like the idea of having a layout that does not have to rely on javascript and that is what I strive for. However that just isn’t practical in the real world if you want to do certain things.

So check out the script if you want. It’s got a bit to do PNG opacity in IE for the upper-left logo you see. It also has some code to act as a min-width controller for IE, since IE doesn’t understand the min-width CSS property. I haven’t fully tested this code, but it seems to work at least on IE6.

The logo is a drawing a friend did (of me, back when I shaved my head) on a whiteboard. I grabbed a picture of it with a digital camera before it got wiped and then imported it into Photoshop and cleaned it up a bit.

So that’s that for now. It’s lunch time!


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