Max Min_Width

Okay, so I had a really oddball moment when I named the javascript functions that maintain the minimum width of the page set_MAX_width and control_MAX_width. I’ve corrected their names to reflect what they really do.

Also, since my last update at noon I’ve made more changes to the stylesheets to fix a z-index bug in MacIE and a bug with IE5.x when the window was resized to a width smaller than the specified min-width.

So things should be rock-solid on most platforms. I haven’t checked any of the *nix browsers such as Konqueror. Galeon, Camino use Gecko so I’m going to assume they work fine.

Never assume. Do as I say, not as I do.

Have fun!


0 thoughts on “Max Min_Width

  1. Things are a bit quiet on the blog. Just making sure that the new code piece is functioning and isn’t posing any problems to posters.

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