Updated Ruthsarian Menus

Ruthsarian Menus has been updated.

There were a couple bugs that have been addressed. The first is anchors not detecting mouseovers outside the area of the text for horizontal menu items that don’t have a sub-menu. Triggering hasLayout on the anchors via position:relative resolved the issue. Javier Julio, who pointed out the problem, found an alternative solution by setting the line-height of the top-level UL and all children to normal.

The second problem was a bit more complicated. IE/Win 6 and earlier had a problem where form elements had no support for z-index and would appear on top of anything stacked over them; in this case, a dropdown menu. The popular fix has been to place an IFRAME underneath the dropdown menus. The reason is that form fields will be pushed under iframes and iframes recognize the z-index property.

What I’ve done is incorporate the JavaScript code found here into the Suckerfish code. I’ve made my own tweaks, such as the ability to pass a second parameter to NOT activate this patch. The reason for this is that dynamically creating/deleting IFRAMES creates a small performance hit. If you’ve got a menu in an area that’ll never run the chance of popping over a form element then you can disable the feature and boost performance a little bit.

The fix only works in IE 5.5 and 6.0 and any IE 5.0 users are simply out of luck.

So there you go.