New Gargoyles Comic

A shameless plug for Gargoyles: Clan Building Vol. 2, which contains issues 6-12 of the Gargoyles comic. The comic is written by series co-creator Greg Weisman and it continues where the TV series left off after season two. It’s an awesome book. Very rich. Very dense. This is not just for kids, it appeals to adults as well. It’s well worth your time to check it out.

Sadly this will probably be the last Gargoyles story told in an official capacity. The book’s publisher, SLG, were not able to renew their license with Disney after Disney increased the license fee on Gargoyles. Some rumors are afoot that say if the book sells really well then SLG might decide to take a chance at renewing the license (and risk considerable money if the book doesn’t sell).

But I’ve got a feeling this is going the way of the DVDs, which ended after the first half of season 2 was released 4 years ago and fans were left without the second (and concluding!) half of season 2.

Although it seems Disney is quite good at screwing up quality products other than Gargoyles. For example they’ve yet to green-light a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man. A complete no-brainer and also a show produced by Greg Weisman. Makes me wonder if there’s some sort of bad relationship between Weisman and Disney.