Skidoo Too

I know, I really need to finish remaking the layout for this thing. But I’m really busy with other things right now. Such as …

Skidoo Too

Yep. A new layout. So what’s new about it? It’s source-ordered, middle column first. I’ve also cleaned up the CSS considerably, I’ve added a lot of new comments, and the thing is all inside of one stylesheet. No attempt at multi-columning under Netscape or IE 4.

Main reason for doing this is that IE/Mac has a really odd bug when it comes to selecting text within a layout using the negative-margins trick. It seems that the text within the first column to appear in the source will be selectable, while the other two will not (completely). It’s a really odd bug that I can’t seem to workaround other than trying my hand at source-ordering.

I never thought I’d actually take the time to source-order Skidoo, but there it is for those of you who’ve been looking for it.



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