Off again

Will be away a few more days for personal reasons before I can get back to finishing up the next layout. Will get it up before the next Gargoyles DVD comes out.

You’re going to buy the Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1 DVD, right?


Eddie Guerrero

I’m not into wrestling now as I use to be. And yes, I realize it’s fake (but that should not diminish the respect for the athletic ability of these wrestlers, which is absolutely not fake), but the new of Eddie Guerrero‘s death was sad to hear.

One of the things that turned me off of “professional wrestling” was the growing lack of technical ability and “good wrestling” in favor of big bodies and absolutely crazy storylines. But when you saw guys like Benoit, Angle or Guerrero on were scheduled for a match, you knew you’d get some quality wrestling.

If I was channel-hoping and saw Guerroro on, I’d stop to watch. He was an automatic, you knew the match would be good, and if he was talking, you knew it’d be funny and great. Even that horrible storyline with him and Chyna from years back worked because of his charisma.

It sucks. He was a young guy (38) who had finally come out on top after going through a lot of problem and working out some personal issues.

The scary thing is he joins a long list of wrestlers whose lives were cut very short due to heart attack. (It’s presumed he had a heart attack, but nothing is known for sure right now.) I don’t know if it’s the work, or if it’s something else, but the average life expectancy for professional wrestlers these days seems to be shockingly small.

He won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Doctors Note

I haven’t been around for a little over a week now because I’ve been sick. It’s some kind of viral infection in my throat. It’s going away now and I should be just fine. I don’t think it was the flu, and my doctor didn’t seem to think so either. But it is something that’s going around as a friend of mine also caught this thing.

Between the two of us, comparing doctor’s notes and personal experience, the secret “cure” for this throat virus (should you find yourself with it) is as follows:

Extra strength Tylenol
Robitussin DM

Take them at the same time (it’s allowed) and follow the dosage directions for each. Then keep a pack or two of Cepacol (throat lozenges) nearby. I found the Cepacol really didn’t help much when the sore throat was at its worst, but ice cream and, oddly enough, chewing gum seemed to help.

I’ve got e-mail to catch up on so if you’re waiting for a response from me, you should see it in the next few days.