Gargoyles Comic is Here

Just a heads up that as on June 21st, the Gargoyles comic book hit shelves. It’s being published by Slave Labor Graphics. The comic may be hard to find on the shelf since it’s an indie book, but that guy behind the counter can certainly order you a copy. There’s a good interview about the book with the writer and series co-creator Greg Weisman that you should check out.

The first two issues will be a re-telling of the first TV episode from season three, but without the edits made by the production staff after Greg gave them his script. Starting with issue #3 we’ll see totally new content. Greg says in the interview that all you need to do is give him 3 issues. If you’re not hooked by then, so be it. So I suggest if you’re in the neighborhood of a comic book store, stop in, check out the book, and take that 3-issue challenge.

You can also order the book through but no word on how long it’ll take to actually get to you.

And the book is bi-monthly, meaning only 6 issues a year. They kind of have to start slow since nobody knows how well the book is going to do. But if it gets really well received maybe we’ll see it bumped up to a monthly comic. So go buy a copy!