Updated Ruthsarian Menus

Ruthsarian Menus has been updated.

There were a couple bugs that have been addressed. The first is anchors not detecting mouseovers outside the area of the text for horizontal menu items that don’t have a sub-menu. Triggering hasLayout on the anchors via position:relative resolved the issue. Javier Julio, who pointed out the problem, found an alternative solution by setting the line-height of the top-level UL and all children to normal.

The second problem was a bit more complicated. IE/Win 6 and earlier had a problem where form elements had no support for z-index and would appear on top of anything stacked over them; in this case, a dropdown menu. The popular fix has been to place an IFRAME underneath the dropdown menus. The reason is that form fields will be pushed under iframes and iframes recognize the z-index property.

What I’ve done is incorporate the JavaScript code found here into the Suckerfish code. I’ve made my own tweaks, such as the ability to pass a second parameter to NOT activate this patch. The reason for this is that dynamically creating/deleting IFRAMES creates a small performance hit. If you’ve got a menu in an area that’ll never run the chance of popping over a form element then you can disable the feature and boost performance a little bit.

The fix only works in IE 5.5 and 6.0 and any IE 5.0 users are simply out of luck.

So there you go.


4 thoughts on “Updated Ruthsarian Menus

  1. Thanks Ruthsarian for the acknowledgment! I feel victorious to finally get mentioned on this blog. :) You know I use your CSS all the time especially your modular navigation so its great to finally be able to offer something back as you give so much awesome stuff to the web developer community. Keep it up! Now that you have your drop down menus complete any idea what you might work on next??

  2. ie7-problem with the menu:
    by mouseover the menu-fields of 1. hierarchy I have to met the linking text before the link is clickable. (block doesn’t work)
    look here “Skidoo Redux” with ie7

    where ist the problem?

    if I give any Link of the first hierarchy a class it works, but these is not a good solution.

  3. Hey, I’ve searched the whole Internet to find what this Ruthsarian word mean but I could not find anything bur Ruthsarian CSS and Ruthsarian Menus. Can you throw me a hint ?


    P.S I’m not very good in English, sorry my clumsiness

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