A Brief Ping

It’s been nearly half a year since my last post and that needs to be rectified.

There are a few things worth talking about such as the situation with the HTML spec. W3C maintains one HTML spec, while WHATWG maintains another. They were playing nicely, but there’s been a small shake-up recently with WHATWG deciding to drop version numbers from the spec, while the W3C will continue to call the latest spec HTML5. How the hell did we wind up in this situation? Well WHATWG has a great piece in their HTML spec that gives a brief history of the HTML spec. It’s not too long and very much worth reading to get an idea of where HTML came from and where it’s going.

News web sites tend to have a template ready to go whenever there’s “breaking news”. It’s often a big, brightly colored box with bold text usually stating “BREAKING NEWS”. This is quite an attention getter. A fact that is not lost on modern news web site developers. Lately “BREAKING NEWS” web stingers are being used to report extremely mundane news. The reason they are using these stingers at all is to simply grab your attention and get you to click through to read the full story. The problem is these news sites are quickly diluting the news value of their “BREAKING NEWS” stingers and sooner rather than later we’ll start to ignore them alltogether. So what will news web sites do when real breaking news happens? I have some thoughts on that which I’ll save for a later blog post, but it’s something to consider.

A small gift to those who have read this far. Here is a template I put together last week to test palette options. This isn’t a layout. You could use it for a web site, but I haven’t done anything to make it compatible with older browsers. It’s more just to test potential color palettes for web sites. And a great place to find palettes is COLOURlovers.

Now that I’ve given away one of my design secrets, I’m off. I expect there will be less of a delay between this and my next post.


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