Just about moved in.

There was a hiccup during the first attempt at importing my old WP blog into this one. An admin reset the import and I gave it another go and things seem to be going much better.

A couple of things worth noting. First and foremost is to be sure that you delete all the spam comments from your WP blog before exporting it. Eight of the nine megabytes of XML data in my WP export file were spam. This, I’m sure, greatly increased my chances at a successful import.

The other thing I found is that the wordpress.com admins seems to be responsive and willing to help. That’s pretty cool.

I started looking through the available templates for blogs on wordpress.com, but was only given about 70 choices and none of them appealed to me. I then, by chance, found one I did like in the section that displays a group of random templates under the page where you pick a template for your blog. It appears that the templates listed and searchable are not representative of the full library available. So if you’re on wordpress.com or thinking about moving to it, try that random feature a few times. You might find something you like that isn’t in the regular list of templates.

One thing I’m annoyed with is you have to purchase the option to alter the CSS of your blog. The lack of <code>overlfow: auto;</code> on <code>PRE</code> elements is annoying me at the moment. It seems like such an obvious and simple tweak to this template. But if I want to do that I have to pay $15.