Comic Cameo

If you’ve purchased (or will soon be purchasing) a copy of Gargoyles: Bad Guys #4 you will find within its pages a panel that contains a close-up crowd shot of people celebrating New Years in Times Square. And within this panel, towards the left side, you’ll see a young man with glasses and a beard on the receiving end of a noogie.

That is me. It is my very first appearance in a comic book. Very cool. I’d put up a scan of the page, but I’m too lazy and, besides, you should go out and buy it yourself, it’s a good book.

Unfortunately not good enough.

The license for the Gargoyles comics was up for renewal and Disney increased the fees on the license to a point that the comic’s publisher, SLG, could no longer afford it. As a result both Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys have been canceled.

This means Bad Guys will end with #4 and Gargoyles will probably end with issue #9.

However, Bad Guys #5 & #6 are going to be produced, as are Gargoyles #10 – #12. They will be part of a trade paperback that’s to be released, as part of the old license, later this year.

Very nice, but bitter-sweet.

Series co-creator and writer of the books, Greg Weisman, says that he’s more determined now than ever before to continue the series. There’s talk that SLG president Dan Vado will go back to Disney next year with a plan to do Gargoyles graphic novels.

Who knows what the future holds.


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