IE 8

I’m giving the IE8 Beta a spin and so far it looks like a lot of the old layout rendering bugs have been fixed. After over 10 years of pages riddled with horrible hasLayout bugs we may finally be on the verge of an IE that doesn’t need CSS hacks!

Of course the first thing I did was put it through my IE sucks! demonstration site. And to my happy surprise the pages were rendering correctly. So if you view that page in IE8 the only way to follow along with my frustration is to switch IE8 into compatibility mode by clicking the button that is to the right of the address bar.

However it’s not quite pefect.

IE8 seems to finally have a fix for the rounding bug that’s plagued IE since it’s inception. This demonstration page on the rounding bug works great in IE8. Even if you enable compatibility mode the rounding error is gone. Hooray!

But go back to my IE Sucks site, specifically this page. Start changing the window width and watch the left edge of the text start to jump around. Shades of the rounding error reemerge in IE8.

Still, my first impressions of IE8 are good. I’ll run it through some of the more obscure bugs I’ve found and let you know if I find anything, but right now it looks pretty good.


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