Oh. Duh.

A little “oh, duh” moment to share.

I had an anchor within a web page. It was an empty anchor, but nonetheless I decided to set it with a style of display:none; so that some random browser doesn’t add an extra line of whitespace to the document where the anchor is.

But as it turns out, by hiding the anchor the bookmark is removed from the document. So URLs like index.htm#bookmark would no longer jump to the bookmark within the page. Once the anchor was displayed again the bookmark would work.

Now if I really cared about browsers getting silly and adding space where there shouldn’t be any I could always apply a style of line-height: 0;. (visibility:hidden; doesn’t work because the space generate by the element is still there even if the content is hidden.) But I didn’t bother replacing the style with something new, I just removed the original CSS. I figure I was being just a little too anal there.

The point: setting display:none; on anchors will remove their bookmark capability.


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