Published Comic

Comic is officially published.

I would love to hear any feedback you have. Either here or via e-mail.

Found a fix for Netscape 6 not working with horizontal menus. Seems setting the height to 100% whenever an anchor inside an LI is hovered will get Netscape 6 to not hide the menu items as you mouse over them. Thus I’ve updated Ruthsarian Menus with the fix. It’s nothing big, but if you’re curious the fix can be found at the bottom of the stylesheet.

Downloaded iCab 4 and gave it a go. It looks to be a very solid browser. I ran it by the new Comic layout and everything worked great, including the dropdown menus. This shouldn’t be a surprise since it worked in iCab 3; I guess I’m just jaded from working with IE.

Allow me to direct you to BTreeHugger’s Blog, specifically his CSS category. You will find a ton of great information, but best of all is his maintaining of a CSS mastergrid where virtually all known CSS hacks are listed in a table against what browsers they work with. It’s an amazing resource that every CSS developer should have bookmarked.

And while taking a break from developing your CSS, might I suggest some great reading? The Gargoyles comic. It continues where the series left off and let me tell you that the story has really come on strong with the last couple issues (#7 &amp #8). The first few issues were a lot of reintroductions to make sure people knew who was who. Now we’re into meeting new clans and new enemies. And the writing is all done by Greg Weisman, the series co-creator. In his spare time Greg is also writing, story editing, and producing the new television series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Pick it up today!


3 thoughts on “Published Comic

  1. Comic looks really nice – tested it and redux in a number of browsers – but it behaves terribly in Visual Studio 2008 (even the Redux does). Decided to keep the redux layout, since it is very stringent.

    If you ever get any time, pls look at implementing the redux layout for Windows Mobile 6 Explorer, and if you find out what is wrong with the redux in VS2008 – that’d be perfect.

    Thank you so much for your effort and release in the public domain.

  2. Peter’s comment about Comic and SKTooRedux not working well in MS Visual Studio 2008 is actually Good News!

    We used the SKTRedux template for our site because of it’s wide browser compatibility, no problems with any browser we have tested it with.

    VS is used by “Dodgy developers”, scrapers, and plagiarists, so keep it excluded please Eric! :)

    Normal browser users will have no serious bugs using Eric’s excellent templates.

  3. The Comic layout is great. I can’t believe how compatible it is, even Mac Explorer. I’m trying to use it on a site for children. The fact that the fonts and colors can be changed might even make it easier to read the text for some children.


    I was unable to change the background colors correctly first try but will get back to that later. Part of the fun of using such a layout is learning new things as you go along.

    I did not link back on the page, I hope that is alright. I would not mind putting a link back in the source and will do that next revision if you would prefer. I am already working on a second page using the comic layout and will eventually change my entire student site as long as there are no issues with compatibility that I have not found yet.

    Thanks for putting your terrific work in the public domain.

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