IE 8 & Spiders

IE8 – Beta 1 is out and you can download it if you dare.

I dared. But the install is failing on my machine at work for some reason. I’ll have to get it up on my home machine.

In the meantime I’m told there’s a transparency issue with Ruthsarian Menus in IE8.

Albandi has posted to the comments of this blog with a fix which I shall now relay to you the reader:

ul.rMenu li ul a {

Once I’ve got IE8 up and running and I can test this out myself I post a fixed CSS.

Now for shameless plugging. As you probably know if you read this blog I’m a bit of a fan of the Disney animated show Gargoyles.

Well many of the people who worked on Gargoyles are back with a new series called The Spectacular Spider-Man. It premiers this Saturday, March 8, in the US on Kid’s WB at 10am. Die-hard Spider-Man fans will not be disappointed. Greg Weisman, co-creator of Gargoyles and the executive producer on the show (as well as writer of the first episode) comes from a background in comic books getting his first job writing for DC Comics’ Captain Atom.

He’s more than well-versed in all the variations on Spider-Man and I think everyone, from the die-hard Lee/Ditko fan, to the 10 year-old who only knows of Spider-Man through those movies, will be entertained.

So check it out. This Saturday, 10am on the CW.


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