IE6, Transparency and Links

Working on some tweaks to a big, new layout that I’ve helped design for the new college website. Rollout should happen sometime in March and is based off of a new layout I’ve called “flux”.

Some of the tweaks I’m working on include the use of a few transparent PNGs to make things look clean and pretty. Since I’m still very much aware (and trying to support) IE6, I’m using the DXImageTransform filter (which is proprietary to IE).

In the process I came across an IE bug in which links that are contained in a relative or absolutely positioned element that has this transparency filter applied don’t work.

After some search I came across Ingo Chao’s page which documents this bug nicely and includes workarounds. With this bit of information I’m getting a lot of the nicer visual treatments I thought would be reserved for IE7/Firefox/Opera/Safari/etc users working in IE6 AND IE5.5!

Since I found it useful I though I’d pass it along.


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