Yes, I am aware of the coming s*&tstorm that is IE8.

It amazes me how badly Microsoft can screw up a web browser even when they’re trying to be standards compliant. They just can’t leave well enough alone. They’ve got to leave their sticky, messy fingerprints on everything they touch, even HTML.

Since IE8 isn’t officially out or even close to a release candidate I’ll reserve any wild tantrums. Until then let’s all cross our fingers and hope the developers at Microsoft realize they don’t really need to add anything new. That DOCTYPE switching has worked in every other web browser for years and it can work with IE too!

And as an aside, Microsoft’s alleged plans to make their website 100% Silverlight to force people to install it is just insanity. Another example of Microsoft trying to abuse the footprint of IE, which only exists after years of forced adoption, to push yet another crappy Microsoft product on the masses that’s already been done (and done better!) by someone else.


2 thoughts on “IE8

  1. Hi Ruthsarian,
    here is a menu-trick for the IE8-Beta:

    ul.rMenu li ul a {z-index:90;

    In the IE8 there are transparancy problems between the menu and the submenu.


  2. a ie8-fix for the rmenu (transparency problem):

    ul.rMenu li ul a {



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