IE Sucks

I’ve been getting really pissed off at IE with all these bugs I’ve been coming across while working on my latest layout. I felt a good rant would help relieve some of this frustration.

So I wrote one.

A bit of profanity here and there. It’s probably more forum troll fodder than anything else, but it felt good to write.


3 thoughts on “IE Sucks

  1. Ruthsarian,

    Well said and if you ask me your entry makes a nice tutorial too on learning when and how to use hasLayout. A shame that IE has to have so many problems. I agree wholeheartedly though that Microsoft really needs to build their rendering engine from the ground up. Other browsers have really patched things up and have come a long to support further CSS modules. IE just can’t keep having these bugs from so many older versions. I’m afraid we still have a long ways to go before IE7 phases IE6 out.

  2. I have stopped using IE all together. Even if Microsoft would upgrade it to Version 10 or 11, I’m already convinced that IE (any version) is a neglected child of Microsoft. It’s great that we can opt for Safari, Opera, or the resurrected Netscape.

  3. Hi there,

    i have now found a solution to one of my problems with skidoo too:
    Users of IE6 could not select text on these float-based websites using
    the mouse. After googling for hours and trying to fix the “position:
    absolute” bug (that causes the same error) (though skidoo too didnt use absolute), now all text selection work fine.
    The secret? My CMS Typo3 generates the short form of the base tag if config.baseurl
    is set (). Exactly this short form causes the bug. Changing it to
    solves it just fine.

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