rMenu Update – IE7

Another update to Ruthsarian Menus. A hack was added a few weeks back to help IE7 which was not triggering mouseover if the cursor entered a menu item in an area not occupied by text. The hack was to trigger hasLayout, but that created a new bug where menu items that had sub-menus would display a small gap below the parent LI of the sub-menu when it had focus. The fix for that was to float all the LI elements in a vertical menu. At the time I didn’t have a way to target IE7 specifically. Now I do, so I’ve updated this hack to target only IE7.

The hack? A take on the star-html hack (* html {}) that I first read about here. The hack takes the form of *:first-child+html {}. IE7 will apply any rules using this selector, but FireFox and other browsers will not. So use this just like you normally would the star-html hack (*:first-child+html ul.rMenu li{}. Also updated the Skidoo Redux download with the updated rmenu.css. Cool? Beans.


4 thoughts on “rMenu Update – IE7

  1. Hi!

    The Skidoo Redux layout is fine at your site but there are problems with the one in the updated zip file.

    For example, in the ‘skidoo_redux.css’ file the lines:

    @import “../../utility_css/visual_consistencies.css”;
    @import “../../rMenu/rmenu.css”;

    are wrong. There are only one ‘css’ folder with the css files.

    Thanks for your stuff.

  2. My local Skidoo Redux still looks different than the online one.
    Missing “>>” from menus and some missing text but I think the missing text is intentional.

  3. Open up the rMenu stylesheet and locate references to the expand-*.gif images. Change the URLs to those images to match the location of the image relative to the stylesheet and you’ll be good to go.

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