Updated rMenu

Ruthsarian Menus has been updated with my fix for the IE7 bug where menu items that have no sub-menu do not correctly enter the hover state when the mouse enters the LI element but not over the text.

I simply added a new selector ul.rMenu-ver > li and copy the rules used for the IE 6 hack rather than just pull the * html hack this new rule mimics. Why? Personal preference, I guess. This rule, with the use of the (immediate) child selector (gt;), just feels less ambiguous in how the inheritance works.

Gargoyles #5 should hit the stands tomorrow. Although because it’s not yet world renowned (but it will be!) you might have to ask your local comic dealer to order a copy or you can order a copy online. It probably won’t show up on the SLG (the publisher’s) web site until later this week when it’s officially out (they’re a bit slow sometimes).

This is the issue of issues to see. It’s a dramatic climax to the current story arc and it’s easily the most beautifully drawn and colored of the books so far. So if you’re going to give the book any chance at all now is the time.


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