Bits n Pieces

Working on a fix for the bug pointed out by Al in the previous post’s comments. IE 7 won’t properly detect a mouse is over a list item element unless there’s a sub-menu. The short fix is to find the following CSS on lines 485-486 of rMenu.css:

* html ul.rMenu-ver li,
* html ul.rMenu-hor li ul.rMenu-ver li

and remove the star-hack so it looks like:

ul.rMenu-ver li,
ul.rMenu-hor li ul.rMenu-ver li

You’ll note in the comments for this set of rules that I say floating the LIs breaks IE7. But now it doesn’t. This has me worried. I need to do more testing. I also found some demo pages without this fix work just as expected. It seems shifting the left-column left with negative margins breaks IE7’s ability to correctly detect hover states (for whatever reason) on LIs. After I play around a bit more I’ll decide what the real fix is.

The name “Ruthsarian” is just a made up word I used to name this little piece of the web that I own. I wanted it to be a word that didn’t exist before I used it. I think I’d seen something with dinosaurs in it the night before and the “saur” might have seeded the syllables that just appeared in my head.

Gargoyles comic issue #5 should be out the last week of July. I believe it’s just waiting on final approval from Disney before it heads to the printer. The issue will be the last in a 3-issue story arc. The issue will feature a guest artist and colorer and will certainly be the best looking comic produced in the series so far. (I’ve been given a sneak peek. It really is amazingly good.) Also a couple big mysteries get revealed and some new plot points introduced that should leave fans going nuts with anticipation for the next issue.

If I were to try and introduce the comic to anyone this is the issue I would give you. You should be able to order it online at when it’s released, or you can contact you local comic shop.


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