Gargoyles And Art

I’ve been neglecting my e-mail. If you’ve sent me something in the last couple weeks and haven’t heard from me, that’s why. I’ll get to it, probably today.

Not to be forgotten, a friendly reminder that the Gargoyles #4 was released last week. You can buy it and all the back issues online direct from the publisher, SLG, at For those new here, Gargoyles is a series close to my heart. Whenever someone offers me money or to buy something off a wishlist for the work I’ve done I always refuse but suggest, if you really feel a need to do something with that money, support Gargoyles by purchasing the DVDs and/or comics. As it stands right now, poor sales figures on season two, volume one were not high enough to warrant Disney to release volume two on DVD. It seems the only way to convince Disney to release volume two is through sales figures, so picking up the comics or the DVDs would do a lot to help get volume two released. Once that’s out I’ll shut up about Gargoyles. Mostly.

There’s a nearby coffee shop that has a small room in the back which is used as an art gallery. Local artists are given the room to put their work on display for a couple weeks at a time. The current show is of work by Jess Baer. There’s a lot of quirky, surreal work which is exactly the kind of thing I’m into. I think my favorite might be the kid giraffes in the back seat of a car.

I ran into this video titled Doll Face by accident, but I’m glad I did. Again, quirky and surreal. You’ll find a higher quality Quicktime version of it here.

If you’re into Smashing Pumpkins they’re back and the first single off the new album is available to listen to, in its entirety, here. Granted SP doesn’t exactly need any plugs, but why not.

And there you go.

Have fun!


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