New Gargoyles Comic

So as I’m sure some of you know I’ve got a bit of a thing for an old TV show known as Gargoyles.

In a recent interview from WonderCon, Greg Weisman (co-creator of Gargoyles and writer for the Gargoyles comic book) announced a second Gargoyles related comic book in the works. It’s called “Bad Guys” and it’s based on a spin-off idea he had worked on while the show was in production. The idea is this book comes out during the off-month of Gargoyles (so both are bi-monthly). A Gargoyles comic book for every month. It’s scheduled to release in October (who knows if that time table will keep up, although he’s already got the script for Issue #1 written).

Oh, and Gargoyles issue #3 should be out this month. SLG (who publishes Gargoyles) is just waiting for Disney to sign off on the book, although it’s already being printed.

I’m told that each issue needs to be signed off on by 10 different people at Disney which can lead to some crazy delays. Although I believe #4 is all ready and should be off to Disney as soon at #3 is released.


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