Ruthsarian Menus : It's Official

Ruthsarian Menus are officially released. Woo!

I’ve put together a bit of a write-up on the system although it’s the stylesheet where all they key bits are. Lots of detail on bugs I encountered and how I worked around them, etc..

I need to actually re-read what I typed up later today, after I’ve been away from the topic for a little while. I just wanted this thing “officialized” as soon as possible.

In other news I sent yet one more e-mail off to Microsoft about bugs. This time it was about the rounding errors I’d come across in the past.

I actually got a response!

From the MS mail server saying one of the two guys I was given contact info for was no longer able to receive e-mail.

But then I actually got ANOTHER respopnse! This time from a real person! He told me that this bug was going to be around a while and definately there in IE 7’s final release. He made mention that the CSS spec doesn’t cover how rounding should be handled; said he hadn’t looked at what Mozilla was doing, but had some idea how Opera handled it.

Oh well.

At least I know there’s a real live person at the other end of that MS e-mail address I was given.


3 thoughts on “Ruthsarian Menus : It's Official

  1. Hi Ruthsarian!
    Great that you got this piece of css working!

    I had a look at your site (link at top), but could not find any information about the licence… is it BSD, GPL, LGPL or whatever?

  2. Thank you again for all the wonderful CSS (and JS) work you do and are willing to share. I use your Skiddoo Too and now the menus all the time.

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