Good Enough

rMenu is pretty much ready. I’ve thrown in the last few bits to get IE7 working properly.

I’ve decided to use negative top margins for vertical positioning of dropdowns to workaround iCab’s problem with initial rendering of elements positioned with the top attribute.

However the Opera pre-7.5 positioning bug that affects right-aligned horizontal menus I’m leaving and won’t be fixing, at least not right now as I can’t find any easy way to do it. I’m not bothered by this because 7.5 is a few years old and most Opera users will have upgraded by now.

iCab I wanted to fix because it’s most current version has this bug and I felt it important to get at least most current version of the more popular browsers working with this menu system.

I have already incorporated this new menu system with Tank!. I just need to create a quickie utility stylesheet for the two-column setup used in the main column of Tank! because what’s there now doesn’t work in IE 5/Mac. The two-column setup on the rMenu demo page does work with IE 5/Mac so I’ll just copy it over and Tank! will be ready to go.

And then I’ll be done with it for now and move onto something new. I’m not sure what yet. All I know is I’d like to either try something that’s visually interesting but doesn’t use so many boxes, or go for some radical design. Just something new. I won’t know until I’m half way designing it what it’ll be.


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