CSS Discuss is back up and running and my post to the list about rMenU went through. Number of responses: 0. So I’m on my own. The Opera 7 issue I’m going to ignore because I doubt there are many 7.23 (or earlier) Opera users still out there and because there probably isn’t a real fix. iCab I’ll toy with and see if I can work around it’s rendering bug. Opera 9.02? I don’t know. The menus don’t break, you’re just forced to move over the text in the buttom in order for the link to work. Maybe it’s a z-index thing? I”ll play around and figure it out myself.


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  1. I know it doesn’t help much but the rMenu works great on Opera 9.00. Thats the current build I’m running on my work PC. At home I have Opera 9 installed as well so I’ll see if its another build instead. Let us know how you are doing. The menu is looking great so far!

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