rMenu Bits

The Opera 7.23 and earlier issues relate to a bug in pre-7.5 versions of Opera that position relative to the root document and not the parent of the positioned element.

iCab seems to have a wierd bug regarding the top attribute. It renders drop-down menus at top: 0 regardless of what top is set to. Once you mouse-over the drop-down menu it’ll reset itself to the right position. The odd bit is if I mouse-over the LI with a drop-down menu in it from different directions the drop-down renders correctly. I got no clue what that’s about.

Opera 9.02 seems to be dropping focus through LIs that are over text. This is similar to the IE bug I talked about a week ago. I submitted a bug report.

Javier, the experiences you’re describing with IE6 are not shared with others. I’ve tested it on 10 different machines here at work that run IE6 and none of them exhibit any sort of rendering defect. And aside from the focus issue, I saw no problems in Opera 9.02.

So I’ve got no clue what to make of that.


One thought on “rMenu Bits

  1. No worries Ruthsarian. Best that no one else is. Most likely its probably due to the seperate installation of IE7 that won’t overwrite IE6. That could probably be causing some bugs to appear for me. I tested on the regular Opera 9.00 but I don’t think its anything to worry about as the menus work flawlessly. Keep up with the rMenu updates! Things are looking great. :)

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