IE/Mac Oddities

The new rMenu was using classes such as rMenu-v for vertical menus and rMenu-h for horizontal menus. To simplify the CSS a bit I then added, for this new version, a few more classes such as rMenu-vRight to signify a vertical menu that is right-aligned.

This worked great, until I got to IE/Mac 5.2. It seems 5.2 (probably 5.0 as well) has a problem with it’s parser. Rules set for rMenu-v were being applied to objects with the class rMenu-vRight. It’s as if, instead of checking the full class name IE/Mac is just looking for the string of a given selector among the group of classes an object is assigned to.

So I’ve had to rename some classes. rMenu-v is now rMenu-ver and rMenu-h has become rMenu-hor and that seems to have worked around the problems.



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