rMenu Revised

Update: rMenu link fixed.

First, Javier, I do know about cfqueryparam. The reason I think CF sucks in some areas are:

  1. The way it handles evaluations in CFQUERies and not properly escaping like it should, as demoed in my previous post on CF
  2. The third-party SequeLink app, which manages database connections and queries, is very unstable. It crashes at least once a month, which brings down the entire website.
  3. The amazing amount of openness it has with a default install. Tags like CFREGISTRY and CFEXECUTE shouldn’t even exist, let alone be open for abuse. CFSCHEDULE shouldn’t exist either.
  4. It’s easy to exploit locally. Using CFOBJECT you can create JAVA objects used to encrypt the database passwords stored in the system to then unencrypt them. This has saved my tail when we lost the passwords for a couple old datasources, but anyone else with access to edit files on the server could just as easily have done it.
  5. “Encrypted” CFM files are a joke
  6. The syntax is too forgiving. When to use and not use hash/pound symbols? CF doesn’t care, stick them anyplace you want.
  7. Things like CFPARAM. Too many crutches that lead to lazy programming.
  8. Ever-growing infection of Flash in ColdFusion.
  9. Too resource intensive. You want to crash a server running CF or at least perform a basic DOS? Go find a CF server, load up a page, then reload the page repeatedly. You’ll very quickly max out the number of concurrent processes allowed on the server and the process queue can be easily maxed out. On that same box, I can run a PHP application that has the same UNCACHED db queries (the CF app using cached queries) and perform the same stunt and the server will stay up and show no sign of lag. Unless you’re running a quad-Xeon machine with 100gb of RAM, CF won’t be able to keep up.

That’s off the top of my head. I’d have more if I wrote them down as they happened.


rMenu has been updated. I’ve put up the latest copy of the CSS based on my latest work with IE, etc.. and it’s a bit simpler and cleaner than before and doesn’t have any of the bugs under IE7 that the old version had. I haven’t tested it on a Mac platform yet but I’m 99.9% certain it’s broken under IE/Mac. However Safari should be fine and platform-independant browsers like Opera and FireFox should work fine. iCab I’m not sure about and Konqueror I’m not sure about. Hopefully I can work on testing that out tomorrow. But I think I’m close.


One thought on “rMenu Revised

  1. Again congrats with the improvements with the rMenu. :) I know it will be a huge hit! Your CSS has always proven to be the most reliable. What others consider CSS gurus don’t know what they are missing here. I haven’t used your drop downs for an application yet but hopefully sometime soon I can use them for something. My site is rather simple so never had a need for it but nonetheless your CSS always proves to be a real great learning experience. Thanks to your work I’m known as the CSS guy at my job. I’m regarded for my talents with CSS and XHTML. Keep it up Ruthsarian! I’m sure your menu will do great in IE7.

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