More rMenu & hasLayout

The IE7 demo page has been updated. Follow along if you’d like.

I’ve run into my old friend, the background color bug. But now I understand it.

If you try to use menu #5 to navigate layouts->skidoo->background images you’ll find the menu disappears as you move between background images and border into masthead. (Actually it might vary depending on your computer’s default font size).

In Menu #6 it works fine. What’s wrong with #5? Well the only difference between 5 and 6 is that 6 has a background-color set on the UL elements.

It seems what’s happening is as the mouse moves between elements in the popped menu IE is calculating what object it’s currently on top of. Without a background color, the text of the page (perhaps any element outside of the menu system) appears to take the focus, as if it’s on top of the menu. It’s like IE is looking THROUGH the menu item.

If I add a background color to the anchors or ULs IE will recognize there’s an object between the mouse and the text and that will get focus and the menu doesn’t disappear.

Now I’ve got a background color set on the LI elements. I set a background color on the anchors only when they have focus. This is so I can use color to show the path to the current position in the menu. (Note how the Layouts and Skidoo menu options turn orange as you get to the third-level of the menu.) If I did set background colors on all anchors, even those that aren’t active, this disappearing menu (background color) bug goes away.

So backgrounds on ULs and anchors fixes it, but not the LI. Why?

Well, the UL and anchor tags have hasLayout triggered. The LIs don’t.

So we see yet one more curious property of hasLayout.

And here’s the thing. Here’s a really big gripe with IE7. They’ve had several years to develop a new rendering engine. Did they? No. They just patched what they could of the old engine. So this reliance on the infamous hasLayout property will continue, along with all the bugs associated with it. And as long as they continue to use their old layout engine IE will continue to suck for advanced CSS design.


Oh, haven’t heard back from those IE guys yet, but I did forward along the information I had on this bug.

Is everyone else starting to understand why I hate IE7?


2 thoughts on “More rMenu & hasLayout

  1. I have always understood why you hate it Ruthsarian. Personally I love using a variety of browsers but my favorite is without a doubt Firefox. But thanks to great developers like yourself I can proudly say I’m become infatuated with cross browser compatibility. IE has always been a struggle and its great to see a talented developer like you push it to the limits and if anything beyond that. Hopefully Microsoft will wake up and realize they messed up big time on IE. I don’t know what they did with the engine but there are to many browsers out there that can understand CSS better. Its a disappointment really but unfortunately we’ll have to chug along. As always you know your work never goes unappreciated, keep it up!

  2. Agree (with you and earlier comment). I just hate IE – 4, 5, 6 & 7. I feel angry and powerless as I see mindless resellers punting out endless PCs with OEM-branded IE there on the desktop (Firefox is FREE for goodness sake! *** ADD IT TO THE DISK IMAGE ***!!).

    I build for and test with Firefox then spend endless nights ‘patching’ for that heap of junk that is IE. And Joe Public thinks IE is THE web browser. And lazy, ignorant, half-wit web designers out there build sites that are “best viewed using Intenet Explorer”. Makes me want to kill or cry – can’t decide which.

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