rMenu Trials

rMenu is starting to really shape up. Give it a try in your browser of choice and let me know. I know that Netscape 6 doesn’t work and IE 7 beta 2 still has a couple really stupid jogging/ghost bugs. I’ll iron those out (I hope). For the brave, here is the css.

The big hang-up I’ve been having is getting the right-aligned menu children to dropdown right-aligned to the parent. Today I deleted all the CSS I had to handle the dropdown positioning and started over from scratch. That seems to have helped a bit.

Not sure what I think about the image used to signify a menu will expand on right-aligned vertical menus. What do you think?

The current CSS allows menus to go 3 levels deep. After that the expand images will get goofy and IE will stop displaying menus alltogether. This is because you need to keep adding markup to support each level of depth you want in your menu. It’s silly but if you want IE 6 and earlier to work you have to do this.

My mind begins to go crazy when I think about trying to mix vertical and horizontal menus outside of the top-level menu. Horizontal dropdowns? Would/should they work? Probably, haven’t tested yet, mainly because I know it’ll reveal problems that I’ll have to work out. But if you want a menu structure similar to what’s up there now, it’ll do it.

Why not dropup menus? In theory it should work. I might try that at some point as well just for completeness.

So there you go. Enjoy. And remember, rMenu is still a work in progress. YMMV!


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