I am still around

Just a bit busy right now. My boss left and I’ve taken on a bit of his workload and that’s keeping me extremely busy.

At the moment I’m not doing much of anything although I am toying with the idea of submitting a redesign of Slashdot.

Much like Zen Garden you can only manipulate the CSS and not really touch the HTML.

My perspective on this is that radical redesigns are out and simple cleanup of the interface and overall look is the best way to go about this one. I figure with millions of daily users (users who have been there for years) suddenly changing the entire interface would be a little bit of a shock. What I’m looking at is turning the left column menus into a horizontal drop-down menu and to narrow the right column to free up some horizontal space to allow for more content to fit on a single page. Maybe provide a few bits of graphical treatment (gray lines, borders around blocks, etc…) but nothing extreme.

And anyone is free to use and abuse any work or ideas I throw out and enter the contest themselves. I’m not even sure if I’ve got time to construct something before this Friday.


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