Murky Has A Posse

If you play WoW and are into internet cliches, then you’ll get a kick out of the graphic you should see to the right of this text. I made it on a whim from a screenshot I took after a partner guild as well as my own defeated Onyxia for the first time.


I’ve discovered the -Profile command line argument for Thunderbird. This has allowed me to create a nice setup where I’ve got both the Mac and PC versions of Thunderbird on a flash drive and have both using the same profile. This enable me to pickup my mail no matter where I am or what OS I’m using. The only hack involved was to edit prefs.js and remove all the absolute paths (which differ between OS platforms). You can do this because there are relative path variables that accompany the absolute path variables. Deleting the absolute path variables triggers Thunderbird to seek the relative path variables and everything works.

For my flash drive I’m using the Kingston DataTraveler Plus II which, according to some articles I had found, has the best read/write/seek performance of almost all flash drives out there today. Previously I was using a SanDisk Cruzer Micro and found that to be horribly slow. It would literally take Thunderbird a half hour to apply it’s spam filter to about 500 e-mails. With the Kingston drive it takes about 3 minutes.

Only thing I don’t like about the Kingston drive is that the USB port cover doesn’t have anything it can attach to on the opposite end. So when your drive is in use you’ve got a loose cap. There are some good drives out there today that are cap-less (the brand escapes me at the moment) that should preform just as well. I’d recommend going for one of those.

I’m working on setting up apache/mysql/php on my iBook. Rather than use the built-in copy of Apache 1.3 I’ve installed a fresh copy of Apache 2.2. Installation requires that you compile apache, php, and a few supporting libraries. Once I get everything up and running (need to tweak PHP/Apache settings and get MySQL accounts setup) I’ll have a nice, portable development system. I’ve already got a Mac copy of Nvu installed and it’s ready to go. It’s a lower-end iBook G4 too which, retail 2 years ago, cost under $1000. You can probably find a used one for much less. It’s a really nice, cheap system with a Unix heart. I love it.


One thought on “Murky Has A Posse

  1. Grats on taking down Ony!

    I recently moved to the Mac for development when my ladyfriend bought me a snazzy new G5; it’s a fantastic test/development environment. Automator + your FTP app of your choice makes mirroring onto your live site a snap.

    If you’re not already using them, I strongly recommend TextWrangler ( for coding, and Quicksilver ( for general productivity.

    But I suppose if you’ve been using it for two years, you’re probably past needing software recommendations..,

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