Natasha Alexandra

Shameless plug for Natasha Alexandra. Turns out this lady is a friend of a friend who tossed me a copy of her CD In Your Face to check out.

I really dig the slow beat to “I’ll Go”, that was the first song I listened to and what drew me in to listen to the rest of the CD.

The way I handle music is I listen to the sound and don’t listen to the words. So I can’t really give you much on lyrics at the moment (posting this while the experience is still fresh in mind).

The sound and beat from “Refuel” reminds me of Citizen Cope. Probably my second favorite track on the disc.

One person described her as a “more soulful Alanis (Morissette)” and I agree, she sounds a little like Alanis but not as nasal. Throw in a dash of Tori Amos and I think you start to get the picture. I think the music is a little more modern than either of the previously mentioned ladies.

One thing I really like is each track has a different sound. It’s not all the same thing. So if one track isn’t your bag, skip to the next one and it probably will be.

I think she also sounds a little like Hope Sandoval (lead singer of Mazzy Star).

Check out the liner notes:

This album is dedicated to all the Underdogs…
Big love to all who have inspired me & denied me.
Fans, Family, Friends & Fools… you all kept me on track

You get a hint of the attitude behind the music.

I have no idea where you can score her CD but check out her website and keep an eye out for her disc.


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