Introducing: Tank!


Because I wanted an exclamation point in a URL.

No not really.

But sort of, yeah, really.

Tank! is the latest layout from me. *fanfare*

It’s not finished, but I wanted to at least get it out the door on this day of days, the release of the DVD Gargoyles – Season 2, Vol. 1.

The layout features CSS-based drop-down menus. The drop-downs intentionally drop down and to the left, which is not how normal menus work. That will probably annoy some people. If you sift through the new CSS you’ll find the dropmenu.css stylesheet and might notice that there are ways to change the direction of the drop. Use at your own risk, as that stylesheet is not finished. But there are lots and lots of notes within that and other stylesheets, as usual, and definately worth taking a look through.

I’m not linking to this layout from anwhere else but here for the time being while I finish this layout up. It’s a secret between you and me, right?

Drop menus are by far the biggest problem with the layout. Every browser has small, but importan differences in how they implement the CSS-2 spec making compatibility across the board very difficult.

The initial work on drop-downs comes from Son of Suckerfish. But I took a lot of that, changed it around and reworked it a bit to get more out of it. They work pretty well, even in IE/Win 5.0. iCab and Safari seem to do okay, as well as Opera. IE/Mac 5.0 is probably the worst off right now. I need to do a lot more research in IE 5.0 with this layout.

Netscape 7.0 doesn’t pull the drop-downs out of the flow of the document. I think I found out why a while back but I’ve sine forgotten. I’ll need to spend time with that as well, but the content is at least visible, whereas IE 5.0 isn’t showing content!

Single-level drop-downs are, by comparison, very very easy. There are ways to pull them off that work very well across the board. But when you go for multiple levels, you have to do things that start to break some browsers.

IE/Mac was particularly problematic. IE/Mac needed whitespace between list elements to work properly. Also IE/Mac was not applying certain class rules when the class attribute of a given element had more than 1 class listed. But if I shifted the order of the list around, IE/Mac worked fine and would apply all the rules.

There might be a new hide CSS hack for IE/Mac in that somewhere, but I’m not terribly motivated to go hunting it down right now.


There you go. There’s the next layout. Hope you like it. Hope it’s not a total let-down.



3 thoughts on “Introducing: Tank!

  1. It looks great. It’s interesting that you decided to place what I guess you could call the navigation menu on the right side. It’s really a better location than the more popular left side. I noticed that my eyes naturally drift toward the left side of every webpage, a habit I must have picked up when I used to read books, so it’s nice to see the new and most important content waiting for me there. Is that the reason for the menu’s position or did you have other considerations?

  2. Apparently you did! If only I had read the important content.

    “Why is this? This goes back to an old lesson in a Photoshop 3 book I read a long time ago. It recommended you move the toolbar over to the right side of your window. The reason being that it keeps the scroll bars closer to your toolbar, creating less distance for the mouse to travel and, thus, less movement for your hand. It helps relieve a small amount of work (and stress) on the hand. It’s also easier to navigate, in general, for right-handed people, which make up the majority of the people in the world. And it’s something new and different so I wanted to give it a try.”

    There you go, people.

  3. Well done Ruthsarian!! So happy you released the layout on time. ;) Was getting very anxious to see what you had cooked up and I must say I’m very pleased. Please let us know once you finish it. What I’m most excited about is really digging into the drop downs you’ve created. But best of all you gave it a great name. I own the soundtrack, DVD box set, and the DVD movie. I must say you have good taste. ;) Keep it up!

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