Virtual Mechanic

I’ve been busy with other things these past couple weeks and haven’t made much progress on my new template. I’ve been troubleshooting some performance issues on a web server I help maintain. All I learned was that the problem was not with the application server software nor the web server software. Then, as if by magick, the problem fixed itself.

No not really, although it seems that way.

But right now, it appears that somehow this Windows server had its paging file set to 2mb in size. So that may have been the problem.. or at least one of perhaps two or three problems.

So I’ll try to get to some e-mail today and maybe get my drop-down menus working. I’ve tried so many different ways to implement them that my head spins at the mere thought of CSS-based drop-down menus.

So be it.

In other, non CSS news, it looks like this blog server my pioneer an attempt to consolidate hardware. We’re getting a rather powerful machine in the coming month or two which will be home to several virtual machines. This weblog server will most likely become one of the first virtual servers on that machine. It should be interesting.


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