Suckerfish & IE/Mac

In a previous blog entry I talked about about CSS-based drop-down menus using the Son of Suckerfish approach.

Well now that I’m going to really use this in a layout, I’ve had to take a closer look at the compatibility of this.

Long story short, IE/Mac wasn’t working. In the SoS article there’s a line of Javascript that only loads the system up if the window.attachEvent function existed. Since it doesn’t exist for IE/Mac browsers, the script never loaded and IE/Mac never saw the drop-down menus.

In my implementation, IE/Mac was set to load the system up. However when I went to test it, something was broken. The script was definately loading, but some very odd things were going on and made the drop-down menus unusable.

After a little searching, I finally came across this webpage which has an altered version of the SoS code that works with IE/Mac.

I’ve since updated ruthsarian_utilities.js with this revised code, and now the drop-downs look to be working.

Kind of.

Somehow…. for some reason… the drop-downs are transparent! Or what’s happening is the text that sits below the area a drop-down menu sits on peeks through, but the background color and text of the drop-down menu are still there, giving the menus some kind of odd opacity-like look to them.

I’m starting on on figuring that out, but I wanted to give a heads-up to anyone else use CSS-based drop-down menus that there is code out there that works with IE/Mac and definately give it a peek.


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