Gargoyles, Season 2, Volume 1

A release date and some initial tidbits of info has been released for the Gargoyles, Volume 2, Season 1 DVD. Greg Weisman, series creator, announced the following details:

  • First half (26 episodes) of Season 2
  • 3-disc DVD set
  • Available on DVD December 6, 2005
  • US$39.99 MSRP

With some nice bonus features, including:

  • Episode Introductions by Greg Weisman
  • Audio Commentaries on “City of Stone” Four-Parter
  • The Gathering of the Cast and Crew (featurette)

The audio commentary will be done by Greg Weisman (this is his show), Frank Paur (producer, instrumental in directing the show’s look and feel), and Michael Reeves, who wrote City of Stone along with many other episodes.

Amazon already has a page up where you can pre-order the DVD.

This is excellent! If you saw the first season and thought it was at least okay, you’re going to love season 2. This is where the show really comes into its own. Five episodes into season 2 you’ll see an episode titled “The Mirror” which is probably the best single-episode of the entire series. Greg Weisman has often said that if he had to show only one episode (rather than say this is his favorite episode) that “The Mirror” is it. It’s got great animation, great writing, and some really really great voice acting from both the regular cast and the guest cast, including Brent Spiner whom you all know as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

One of the great things about this show is the multi-part episodes. Multi-parts have some of the best writing in the whole series and City of Stone stands out among all. The DVD is worth getting just to see this four-part episode. I easily understand why this was given audio commentary. (They don’t have commentaries on all the episodes because of budget constraints.)

You’re also going to get the excellent 3-part Avalon on this DVD as well. Avalon kicks off what is known as “The World Tour”, where the main characters Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx travel around the world. This gave the writers some great chances to include myths and legends from cultures all over the world. From Arizona to Austrailia with stops in England, France, Scandinavia, Japan, and many more. Avalon introduces Oberon (voiced by Terrence Mann, the guy was in Critters!!) and Titania (voiced by Kate Mulgrew), the King and Queen of the third race (fae, “Oberon’s Children”).

This is very, very exciting news. I can’t stress enough how good this series is. It isn’t just a kid’s cartoon. Not at all. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy it.

So keep an eye out and start planning your holiday gifts. I bet there’s a few on your list who would really enjoy this.


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