Where Am I?

I’m in the middle of a trip around the US for work and pleasure. I’ve been away from any sort of ‘net access since last Wednesday. So if you’re waiting to hear back from me on some e-mail, that’s why I have yet to respond.

I’ll try to start picking through my inbox this afternoon and hopefully get some help out to people.

In other news. there will be a Gargoyles comic book that will begin its run sometime in early next year. So with the DVD coming out in December and the Comic next year, I’ll be working out 2 new layouts to help promote each.

The book will be published by Slave Labor Graphics. Disney will then combine issues and publish their own line of graphic novels from the Gargoyles comic. Very cool. The SLG issues will be available via Amazon.com once its released, as well as your local comic book shop. So start getting the word out and talk to your local comic book shop. Get them to keep an eye out for the Gargoyles book, coming in 2006!


0 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. i’ve been following you since a year by now, i think. i love your templates. i’m about to use one, actually.

    kisses to you from mexico.
    keep it going.

  2. Issa, look at my website I’m already using Ruthsarian’s CSS layout. He’s the best. I’m also using his CSS layout (Skidoo Too) for a redesign of my job’s web marketing campaigns. Ruthsarian, I’m really looking forward to your 2 new Gargoyles layouts most of all. I’m creating a Blogger in ColdFusion and I will be using your Gargoyles layout for that but I’m thinking I should wait on your 2 new ones. You do great stuff. Cheers mate. Keep up the excellent work!

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