Gargoyles DVD: Volume 2!

And so it has been confirmed that more episodes of Gargoyles will be released on DVD!

This is great news.

Skidoo Too: Gargoyles was a layout I had been toying with for a bit when the first DVD was announced. I had heard that Disney would be watching the sales of that DVD to gauge whether releasing more DVDs would be worth doing. So to do my part, I pimped the show quite shamelessly in the layout content.

Mission accomplished?! Maybe. All I’ve heard about sales of the first DVD is that it did “well” or at least well enough to prompt Disney to release more episodes. Nothing about what is being released (the whole second season? only part of it?) has been confirmed, just that more episodes will be released.

So it looks like I have to start working on a new layout. hah.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the DVD. That was very cool of you. And if you didn’t, hey, you still can!


0 thoughts on “Gargoyles DVD: Volume 2!

  1. Looking forward to Season 2 Volume 2 release of Gargoyle episodes as well as Season 3. Great series and very original given the time it was released. Marina Sirtis is amazing as Demona! And Keith, of course, is one of a kind. Here’s to Gargoyles the best animated TV series in the world!

  2. The more I watch my season 2 volume 1 DVD, the more I’m looking forward to the release of volume 2. I seriously hope they do release the rest of season 2. If they don’t, it would be a real shame to the fans.

  3. I sincerely hope to see Gargoyles season 2 volume 2. I watch the other 2 sets with my fiance and we both enjoy sitting down and watching it after a long day at work. I would really hate to miss the rest of the series.

  4. I really hope that they do release seaon 2 volume 2 and 3. In a way it is kind of pointless to release half of a season and that be it. Gargoyles was one of the best shows ever on tv. Not only should season 2 volume 2 and season 3 be released but they need to bring it back and do a season 4+.

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