IE Boxing

Here’s a demo I made displaying a rounding error with IE and my solution to it.

Basically, any time you’ve got two or more floats next to each other and their widths, defined in percentages, equals 100%, you’re going to run into this rounding error.

I’ve seen this a lot, but never really focused on it as I found that other hacks would sometimes resolve the issue.

But the hack presented in the demo ( setting negative margins on the right-most floated block element ) works much better and is less hacky. I like it.

Hopefully you will find it useful.


2 thoughts on “IE Boxing

  1. Awesome! I was wondering what was going on with my eCommerce site. Everything would always work smoothly in FireFox, but every once in a while I would get my right column dropping below my content because of this bug.

    Great fix!

  2. Thanks You for your elegant hack. I am a novice in CSS, designing a new page in it (at work) and most of explanations are so obscure that I have a hard time to get it. Yours is the best. And the design of your site is something to admire
    Thanks again

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