Plaine Offerings

Up on the layouts page I’ve added a link beneath the description of various layouts that point to a ZIP file with all the relevant files needed to get things going. That should make life easier for some. My problem will be keeping up to date with any changes I make.

I also want to touch base on what will inevitably be my next release, Plaine. It’s less about a unique or fancy layout and more about teaching or at least creating discussion about the purpose of the web and web pages.

It’s also maybe a lesson in that we might not need as much markup as we use (or I use) in these layouts. I like taking a more minimalist approach to things. And after spending a week on Nausicaa my work on Plaine has been a bit refreshing.

Less is more.


Anyways. Plaine works on all current Mac platforms. Netscape 7 (but not Mozilla, oddly enough) has some extra padding at the top and bottom of the columns. IE 5.5 and below won’t draw a border around the body element, so the border around the entire page does not show up. The only real way to fix this would be to apply a wrapper element around the content. I do this all the time, but this particular layout is about a more minimalist (in terms of markup) approach. I’m going to give it some thought as to whether or not I want to add this extra bit of HTML or leave it out. I will also work out Netscape 4 compatibility on this layout.

So there you are.

And remember: No matter where you go, there you are.


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