A stupid little story to share.

I do a lot of work with Cold Fusion. The other day I hear that Macromedia (who owns ColdFusion) has been bought out by Adobe.

So a friend of mine makes a comment about how one of ColdFusion’s new features is a lens flare tag that throws up a lens flare on a web page. Lens flare being one of the most (ab)used filters in Adobe Photoshop.

Well I think for a minute, and decide it’s absolutely doable, and set to work. I created a lens flare on a black background in Photoshop. I then used the color selection tool to select and remove the black color. This left me with a nice transparent png flare. Good enough for me, afterall this is just a quick goof, nothing I want to really waste time on.

I then create a quick custom tag in ColdFusion which creates a DIV and absolutely positions it on top of the page in the upper left-hand area via some inline CSS.

The PNG is placed inside the div block. I even threw in the filter line needed to get IE 6 working with transparent PNGs.

Silly stuff.


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