Say It Isn't So

Looks like P.I.E. just went subscription based. This means to read the articles you’ve got to pay.

This is more than a little disappointing as their write-up on debugging IE (aka Holly Hacks) is no longer there and apparently only available via subscription.

I got nothing else to say, except I’m really really bummed by this. I’m going to look into writing up my own page on the hack formerly known as holly. I’m also going to give it a new name. But right now I’m working on skidoo too: redux, which is basically a small reorg/rewrite of the CSS for skidoo too that will, hopefully, include basic drop-down menu support, as well as some general holly hacks that will, hopefully, prevent some of the problems people who have used the layout have encountered in the past.


0 thoughts on “Say It Isn't So

  1. Where are you seeing this? Unless there’s a part of the site I’ve never seen before, or FF is ignoring my hard-refreshes, I can still access everything on the site, as far as I can tell.

  2. Yes, that was my favourite site and I was very disappointed when I went back there yesterday (march 24). It goes against the ‘philosophy’ of the CSS community to charge for tutorials.
    I am fairly new, and that info was fantastic.

    Sold out is how I feel. Oh well, there are other sites. Like this one!

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