Drops and Fits

I’ve updated the drop-down menu demo a little to get it at least semi-usable in IE 5.0. I also fixed a bug with some rendering artifacts in IE 5.5/6, a little z-index goes a long way.

It definately doesn’t work on a Mac. Hah. Nor does my event attach function in the ruthsarian_utilities.js that exists out there, somewhere. So I’ll have to work on Macs for a bit.

This is the “fits” part

I received an e-mail asking if there was a way to keep the menus in place when a user enables the high-contrast accessibility feature under windows.

Well I turned on the feature, opened up the layout, and sure enough both the left and right-hand columns are pushed beyond the edges of the viewport. But imagine my surprise when I see that the gargoyles layout keeps its columns in line.


The gargoyles layout is based on skidoo too so I expected them to behave in the same way.

But they don’t.

So I’ll tear apart the gargoyles layout and find out why the left menu doesn’t slip outside the window with high-contrast enabled. My guess is that the added block element surrounding each vertical nav (vnav) list is probably the cause, but maybe not.

It doesn’t make sense, either. The high-contrast option defaults to a larger font size as well. This larger font size (not the color change) is what’s causing the problem. Thing is, both the column width and the border width (used to generate each column’s background color) are defined in EMs. So they should both scale equally, but for some reason, they don’t.

I’m thinking it’s time to start applying some of the hacks I put together for the gargoyles layout into the skidoo too layout. The gargoyles layout is, by far, better at managing hacks, but I think I can do better. What I really want to do, first and foremost, is to almost create an entirely separate stylesheet of JUST hacks. So you can see what SHOULD work and what DOES work. But… we’ll see.


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