I’ve been mucking around with CSS for a few years now, but for some odd reason I’d never come across the term FOUC before a couple months ago when someone e-mailed me about it.

FOUC is basically that flash of white (maybe you’ll see the text too) when loading a CSS-styled webpage. It’s the unstyled content that gets displayed after the browser has downloaded the HTML but before it’s finished downloading/applying the CSS.

I got another e-mail about FOUCs today and I figured I’d share the link I was given to everyone. It’s very informative and worth at least a skim.

The address is

Basically the quick fix is to stick a STYLE or SCRIPT block somewhere in the HEAD element of your page.

I’m going to try and duplicate and/or expand on some of the e-mails I get here in the blog since I’d guess for everyone 1 question I get, there’s 10 that have the same question but don’t e-mail me.


0 thoughts on “FOUC

  1. The first time I actually saw the FOUC was on several months ago. Oddly enough, I’m using Safari, AND there are LINK elements in Sprint’s code, so in this case it may have something to do with server performance. Erm, or just maybe my G4 is getting long in the tooth.

    BTW, I’ve learned a lot from your site. Thanks!

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