Blog Updates

I’ve finally taken the time to build proper templates to use with the rest of MT. So now you get this layout throughout the archives and such. I also tweaked the layout itself slightly.

There is a bug in the layout that’s forcing the left-column down below the main column at a width of somewhere around 650 or so pixels. I’ll give this a fix and then drop the min-width limit back down to 600. For now I’m sweeping my problem under the rug. :)

I’m also going to try and use the categories feature of MT a little bit. I’ve gone and put all existing Web Of Information posts into their own category. I’ll see what else I can create categories for at a later time.

I’m also thinking about actually using that whole “extended entry” feature with MT, where only the first couple paragraphs need be shown for each post. Then you click on the “more” link (or whatever) and see the entire entry on a separate page. This seems a must looking at how the categories page is generated.

I’ll muck around a bit later.

And I’ll finish up with a quick plug.

I found Veerle’s Blog by accident, and it was a pleasant accident indeed. I haven’t gone through it too much, but there’s a lot there. Both graphic and web design and all manner of related subject area. The layout itself is nice, very soft and clean. I look at the stuff I try to do, then look at layouts like the one on Veerle’s Blog and it’s like comparing steel wool to cashmere.

It goes to show you that there is a lot more to this web thing than just clever CSS. I try to stay away from doing a lot of graphics. That allows me to focus on the CSS more and to try and find solutions for creating design elements that could easily be created with images.

A great example of this is the skidoo line of layouts, which use CSS to create solid background colors for all the columns in a multi-column layout. Typically you would fake this by using a background image or two. But now I’ve got a no-image approach.

Even so… I really need help on how to pick color schemes. :)


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