One Shots

A small bonus for those who actually read this thing on occasion. I’m putting together a layout that I plan on using in a production environment. As I develop this (and other) layouts I like to work with just one flat file with an embedded stylesheet. That way making changes to the layout can be done fairly rapidly. When I’m ready to go live with the layout I’ll spend time cleaning out the CSS, commenting up any hacks, etc..

The layout in question is Gargoyles 01. I think it’s got a lot of potential. Its a bit more styled than my usual templates, but the trademark boxy-ness is still there. I’m still working on it, in fact I’ll be editing that very file that I’ve linked to as I work on it so you may pop in and view it in mid-tweak, meaning you’ll find all sorts of odd looks to it.

It’s something I think a few people might find interesting. As I type this, it’s got fairly good compatibility. I haven’t checked IE 5.0, and version 4 browsers definately won’t work. In fact, I bet it crashes NN4. That’s why, if you were to try and use this layout yourself, you’d want to keep the stylesheet separate and import it in a manner that NN4 won’t see. That’s what I’ll be doing when I’m ready to use this.

The layout is geared torwards higher-res users. 640×480 does not work well at all. I’m going to look at maybe reducing the gutterspace a bit to get a better fit on 800×600 browsers.

The upper-left box is a placeholder. Remove that border and put an image with a transparent background in its place.

The any number of left-column boxes could be put in place. Likewise the width of the content area (the container with 2 columns) could be shortened to provide yet one more column in the “grey” area.

Colors are kept greyscale so I can focus on layout. I’ll deal with colors later. But I intend dark colors for this layout… which can be quite problematic… at least for me.



0 thoughts on “One Shots

  1. Wow, I love the new layout! I’ve been visiting your site for months now (for inspiration) and Gargoyle01 is definitely my favorite.

    Thanks for the time and energy you spend on making these freely available layouts. They’re much appreciated. :)


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